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Brickplayer - the bricks and mortar building kit

This is the home page of a website devoted to Brickplayer; redirects to here. The wonderful original site was created by Dave Meesam, and with his kind permission I have incorporated some of Dave's original material into this site.

What is Brickplayer?

Everyone is familiar with Lego, which began life mainly for constructing houses and other buildings. The idea of Brickplayer is to build such things using real miniature bricks and 'mortar'. The result is much more realistic than a Lego building, as well as being more demanding to build.

Brickplayer was produced by J W Spear and Sons, who are perhaps better known for producing boardgames, particularly Scrabble. They ceased making Brickplayer in the 1970s but, as a young lad in the 1950s and early 1960s I enjoyed building with Brickplayer and in recent years I have returned to it. It is still possible to acquire old Brickplayer kits on EBay, and I have quite a large quantity (although apparently Dave Meesam had much more!).

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I would love to hear from you if you are a Brickplayer builder, or you can add anything to the information and resources on this site, or if you are just interested to know more. Just email me.

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